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Certified app company

5.0 - 1 Reviews

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SpotnStay, a preferred vacation rental software company for the business to stimulate the revenue for the property managers and the owners. We partnered with many real-time vacation rental industries with specific designs and time-saving tools. The unique feature of this company empowers the vacation rental owners and the property managers to create their own websites, gaining through more bookings and offering seamless payments for the customers. We are committed to: High Quality of Services in delivering products Engage with unique features in software development Synchronizing professional team to meet real-time needs Full-effective back end support Top developing premises Grow with smart, Innovate and high-end satisfaction These are the things that make us a smart key player in the software development industry. SpotnStay still evolving with new trends and innovative things.


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Innovative solution covers wide aspects of the vacation rental business

Client: Simon Nobert Budget:

SpotnStay, cohesive, thoroughly tested and bug-free software solution includes the in-built features in order to cope up with the latest vocational rental business trends. Awesome customizable nature of this software solution provides full back-end support on all the rental activities under a single platform.

Client Feedback for SpotnStay
I am impressed with Awesome working dashboards. The training team from SpotnStay was very good and clarified my doubts patiently.
On budget
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April 18, 2020