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Brazil’s Largest Investment Firm To Launch Digital Currency Exchange

Apr 19, 2018

Brazilian investment company XP Investimentos, a financial service related firm overseeing over $35 billion for more than 500,000 customers, is allegedly going to launch a digital currency trade. As indicated by the nation's Department of Federal Rev..

Ethereum blockchain becomes the first one to be implied for a DNA sequence transfer.

Apr 18, 2018

DNAtix accomplishes a major breakthrough in collaborating the DNA with the Blockchain Technology by storing a DNA sequence onto a Blockchain Technology...

Monex Group Takes Over Japan’s Recently Hacked Cryptocurrency Exchange Coincheck

Apr 05, 2018

Monex Group, Japan's financial services company reported that they were anticipating getting the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck. This arrangement, which was all the discussion in the course of recent days, is now affirmed by the two firms..

Ethereum Drama, More Bans and Lawsuits- cryptos In Trouble?

Apr 04, 2018

The Bitcoin market fell by 20% despite the gain it took earlier this month. Seeing it mean, the cryptocurrency fell substantially by many points significantly from last week posting another double-digit loss...

The first quarter of 2018 went hard on cryptocurrency markets

Apr 03, 2018

The primary quarter of 2018 managed substantial misfortunes to the digital money markets, the capitalization of the consolidated crypto markets has dropped by 59% since the beginning of January..

These Are the Worst Performing Cryptocurrencies of 2018 – So Far!

Apr 01, 2018

Which are the cryptocurrencies going through major loss? Why is the market turning its back for some of the cryptocurrencies?..

70% Or More Than That Ethereum DApps are Games!

Apr 01, 2018

A study done by DApp shows that the games on Ethereum networks have continued to set the standard on the DApp ecosystem...

Bitindia plans to launch on 28 April, listing all major Cryptocurrencies with the minimum trading fee

Apr 01, 2018

With all major cryptocurrencies on its list, Bitindia will launch this month..

Japanese Car dealer to accept BTC as one of the modes of payments

Apr 01, 2018

A car dealership in Tokyo is accepting BTC up to 1 million USD as a means of payment for imported luxury cars...

9 Must Have Tips for Securing your Crypto Wallet

Mar 22, 2018

The best security provider of your wallets is you.Nearly every day there is a report of someone losing their access to their crypto-coins because of some illegal activities against them...

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