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Editorial Policy


The mission of Applancer Services Private Limited ( hereinafter also referred as ‘Company’ or ‘We’ or ‘Our’). is to record the blockchain program and create a forum for critical thoughts among those building a more prolific and inclusive digital economy. We intent to provide impartial, well-balanced and astute content to our viewers.

Editorial independence

The principles of fairness, accuracy, objectivity and responsible reporting are maintained by us. We support principles of brilliance in reporting original news and in reviewing and substantiating data from other sources. The team covers the news with neutrality and veracity, without an influence of the publisher or its owners and investors.


Unsolicited manuscripts are welcome, although submission is always on speculation. The company reserves the right to exercise its editorial judgment and reject any article at any time for any reason.

Editorial decisions to publish or not to publish an article are made at the discretion of the company and are based on factors including but not limited to: relevance to the industry, interest to readers, timeliness and caliber of writing, as well as space limitations within the given publication.

Submit only exclusive content that has not been published elsewhere. The company reserves first right of refusal and will copyright all works selected for publication. There are no exceptions.

All submissions will be edited for accuracy, clarity, quality and length. The company does not guarantee that authors will review their work prior to publication due to time constraints inherent in the production process.

Journalistic principles

We strive for utmost equality, precision, neutrality and accountable reporting, whether reporting original news or in reviewing and corroborating information from other sources.

We, as an organization, do not take positions on the economic value on any given cryptocurrency or blockchain project, though our outside opinion contributors may express their own views on such matters.

Company employees are not restricted from owning or investing in cryptocurrencies or blockchain-based projects as investments.

However, Company maintains disclosure guidelines that all contributors must follow when reporting on cryptocurrencies or tokens in which they are invested.

In the discharge of their duties, our team attaches due value to fundamental, human and social rights and holds good faith and fair play in news reports and comments as essential professional obligations.

Our writers endeavour to ensure that information circulated is factually accurate. No fact shall be inaccurate or the essential facts purposely omitted. No information known to be false shall be published.

It is obligatory to give fair publicity to a correlation of contradiction when a report published is shown to be false or inaccurate in material particulars.

Freedom in the honest collection and publication of news and facts and the rights of their comments and criticism and principles which every team member must always defend.

These principles are revised and rationalized from time to time.


The content and the materials on our website are made available after obtaining a consensus from our editorial staff and thorough understanding of our Editorial policy. All the materials on our site are both owned and created by us or collected and created by our content providers whose writing styles, diction, comprehension, and factual accuracy are validated through our editorial processes. Our Content comes from various sources which include in-house writers, freelancers, and intern writers. The content from sources goes through meticulous evaluation by in-house editors who analyze the materials from a neutral perspective, without any discretion. Additionally, the submitted content is bind to adhere the learning goals chronicled in our editorial policy. The editorial staff inspects the content from all possible angles and is also facilitated by external sources who check the correctness, perspective-balance, entirety of the facts and timeliness of all the material before it is published on the website.

In the case where content with not much validation is presented, our editorial team depends on spot-checking tools. We verify from our database of prior evaluations available from the sources of erudition. Additionally, we can also review the information-gathering techniques used by the content provider. We mostly publish that content which is selected after careful reviewing of our in-house staff or is already examined by independent professionals in the discipline.


To censor is to examine in order to suppress or delete anything considered objectionable. The company neither sanctions censorship, nor expressively participates in it. The company reserves the right to exercise its editorial judgment. Editorial decisions to publish or not to publish a submitted article are made at the discretion of the company and are based on various factors including but not limited to: significance to the industry, interest to readers, appropriateness and ability of inscription, as well as space limitations within the given publication.


To borrow idea/notions use someone else's work without acknowledgement - whether intentionally or unwittingly - is transgressing virtuous professional conduct. However, borrowing notions from elsewhere is considered rational journalistic practice provided the source is acknowledged.

The writer apart from his own writing must ascribe the words cited from the source. Also, when borrowing ideas or styles from some source the writer must ensure that ultimate result must be clearly different and distinguishable as the original work of the reporter.

Conflict of interests

The company professes a policy of complete intolerance to corrupt practices. In this regard, its writers and editors are committed towards safeguarding public's right to know the truth. Gifts, bribes, favours, free travel, special treatment or privileges can compromise the veracity/uprightness of journalists, editors and its employers. Journalists, editors and its employers conduct themselves in such a manner that protects them from conflicts of interest, real or apparent. It is important not only to avoid conflicts of interest but also the incidences of such conflicts. In this relation, all situations capable of creating undue familiarity will be avoided or handled cautiously.

How You Make Money?

Through events, research and advertising - Applancer Services Private Limited earns money.

In digital currency markets, the company does not trade or invest. Not even the company hold our own positions in any digital currencies. In addition, the company is not active in any digital currency markets.

Across its product lines, We generally accepts payment in bitcoin. However, the company works with bitcoin payment processors to immediately convert those funds to US dollars.


The company reserves the right to make changes to the policy at any time without a prior notice, the user is obliged to keep themselves abreast with such changes.

Contact Us

If you have any questions relating to the Editorial Policy, Please contact us by sending an email to [email protected]