Why should you start a blog?

Ever thought what it would be like to have your own blog?

If you are a content writer who is looking for jobs in other companies and want your ideas to reach out to people, then why not you cut yourself from those job sites (delete Naukri account) and start your blog.

Today we will be discussing why starting a blog is a good idea!


1) Become Confident

Once you start a blog, you can be the center of attention. 

Meeting new persons(you get to interact with them) and getting followers and likes, all by sitting in your home, is not a bad idea. Your blog is your own space. Whatever you wish it to be, you can make it. Thus, you will be gaining confidence if you start your blog.


2) Writing Experience

If you are a content writer, blogging is the best possible way for you to get writing experience.

Blogging is the best possible way to display your writings.

But for that, you must be regular in writing.

As soon as you have posted/published your first post, you are officially published on the Internet.

Thus, promote yourself to companies effortlessly by linking your blog to your resume.


3) Source of Income

Once you get famous and would start getting visitors, you can apply for Adsense. And if you get approved, then you will be able to make money out of your blog.

Writing a user-friendly article(what people actually want to read) will get you more attention.

For example, as this is when we have a pandemic, and many people have lost their jobs, you can start your blog about business ideas. You can even focus on a particular location to get more local traffic (such as 'business ideas in Mumbai').

But there is one thing you necessarily need to remember. You can only post articles on the topics that are related to your niche.

Say you have a blog about business ideas.

On that blog, you are free to post a blog about topics such as 'c2h meaning' and 'how to start a business,' but you can't post about 'How to do contouring'- that will be irrelevant to your niche.


4) It creates opportunities

The most crucial reason to start a blog is that it creates never-ending opportunities for you.

No matter if it is in the form of friendship, monetary gain, or self-growth- blogging puts your unique personality out there to the open world.

Thus, if you are even a little motivated to start your blog- All the best!

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