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Ripple Injects More than $50 million in University Blockchain Research

Jun 05, 2018 Posted /  1839 Views

Ripple Injects More than $50 million in University Blockchain Research

With the ever increasing interests in blockchain technology across most of the major sectors of the world economy and the increased level of adaptation of Ripple, the US based company is solidifying its grounds by pumping a huge sum of money on university researches across a variety of universities across the world. Ripple believes that the next level of blockchain utility should be cultured right from student’s university faculties globally.

Ripple Partners with a Multitude of Universities to Improve Blockchain Research

Ripple has championed a University partnership deal with some top academic institutions from around the world in an attempt to re-introduce blockchain research to students and university faculty members. The drive that has been code named by Ripple as UBRI has enrolled a couple of universities already among which includes, Princeton University whose center for Information Technology Policy (CITP) is among the universities signed up for the research project.

Princeton’s CITP will study the policy impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the US and elsewhere around the World.

Meanwhile the University of Pennsylvania also in the US is supporting a selected MBA-MS candidate every year in the just established Wharton-Engineering dual degree program. The Ripple funding program is specifically targeting students working on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.  Meanwhile at MIT, Ripple is active in the institutes computer science and AI laboratory’s new Fintech initiative.

Other universities are included in the Ripple Research program includes Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and the University of Luxemburg. The Australian National University College of Law, Fubdacao Getulio Vargas of Brazil, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, IIT Bombay in India, International School of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H) India, Korea University among others are in the list of this well-funded ripple program.

How the Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) will Work?

Universities are without any doubt the traditional backbone of innovation since they offer a Unique independence and rigor which cannot be found in the Private sector. Ripple believe that it’s the perfect moment it begins supporting research and study in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and digital payments at universities around the world and UBRI is one such initiative the company hopes will help in encouraging blockchain research at university level.
The selected 17 universities Ripple has chosen for their UBRI program will have the liberties of choosing their own research topics and priority areas of focus as regards blockchain while partnering with Ripple to;

Collaborate on research and technical development that the company expects to boost better understanding and innovation in blockchain. The initiative also aims to create new curriculum which in the new future will be handy in meeting the high demand of student for learning about blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and other Fintech Topics.


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