Quik.com will help web owners to tap the potential of NFT domain names

Those times are gone when we used domains for creating a website. Web 3.0 is rising, the decentralized revolution has picked up quickly, and NFT domains are introduced. Now, people can get a full right over their website without the involvement of central entities. 

Moreover, with the introduction of NFT domains, renting domains will slowly fade away, as it offers lifetime access without any renewal plans. NFT domains combine two extraordinary ideas- crypto wallets address and website functions. One can easily send or receive money to their crypto website wallet without the involvement of any middle party.

Quik is the next-generation blockchain-based NFT domain provider that gives you access to various NFT domains that you can choose from. However, these domains are restricted to minting facilities, providing them on a first-come, first-serve basis. 


Quik: The ultimate solution to all your Web 3.0 needs!

Quik is working progressively to provide NFT domain names made just for you! It works by bridging the internet gap between the users and the internet so that any third-party entity is eliminated. 

Usually, we all have come across conventional domain names such as facebook.com. You may think that it is merely designed to locate a particular website on the internet, but domains are designed to do so much more than this. 


We can use domains to make payments or send emails, but their capacity has been withheld due to their centralization. Now, they are merely used to display a website.


NFT domains are a collection of smart contracts, a nice word to describe software written on a social blockchain. Instead of one company managing your data online, the power is transferred to you as a user. And with built-in blockchains, anyone can look at the data stored there, creating a level of openness and transparency.


With Quik, you can access several top-level domains, such as .doge, .vr, .bored, etc., and take your business to the next level with such unique names. As businesses need a unique factor to gain customers, Quik is the perfect tool to help them in their journey.


Quik also offers true ownership of your domains; you get 5% to 10% royalty on every subsequent domain purchase! This helps the users with their further subscriptions and is easy. 


Quik ecosystem: a unique crypto wallet of unified transactions

The Quik ecosystem will also consist of a crypto wallet transaction address for the users. The NFT domain owners can utilize their unique domain as a website URL, global username, and a unified payment address to be free from any hassle. Moreover, Quik is also planning for a wallet extension introducing several prominent cryptocurrency wallets to make transactions easier and more private.

We all know that centralization is a limitation for the creators as it snatches away some other rights from their developments. Hence Web 3.0 and NFT domains are working progressively to restore their potential and privacy with 0 involvement and decentralization in their projects. 

With Quik's 100% safe, private network solutions, you stay safe from data leaks and privacy invasions with the NFT domain-enabled Web 3.0 platform. 

Quik is working towards assisting domain buyers with the best potential domain names to make their business grow. This hidden section of the internet has a limitless growth scope, so every web owner should try exploring it and get the maximum benefits out of it.

Join Quik.com,

"the world's first crypto market for NFT names,"

and witness the tremendous power of NFT domains. The forum contains domain name registration where users can search for specific listings—designed to allow the purchase and sale of blockchain-based NFT domains.


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