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At Applancer, our main focus is on providing you with the best and the most proficient software services. Our team encompasses professionals hailing from different software backgrounds that have been curated to form the perfectly skilled site for your needs.

We serve as an A-star platform that specializes in Blockchain development, app development, software development, web development, designing, digital marketing, along with SEO service.

Similar to Toptal, Applancer connects individuals with companies looking for individual talent with experience in a particular field. Toptal review individuals to provide the top 3% of Freelance talent to its users, like Applancer, that's striving to provide its users with the top talent.

Note: Applancer hires the best and the most professional talent, similar to individuals employed at Toptal careers.


Applancer: Similar Features, lower prices than Toptal!

We make use of the most high-end tools to provide our users with the best service experience at an affordable price range. We took lessons from critical Toptal reviews and ensured the drawbacks from other similar platforms are taken into account and improved upon. Try Applancer today to unlock the top features at lower prices!


Work as a Professional

We understand the prominence of our product and thus ensure that all your software needs are taken care of. Our business analysts assist you in selecting an individual/organization following a proficient work style with a deep respect for project deadlines. 


Zero Commission

Toptal, sometimes, might slip in a portion of the commission from its Freelance employees. On the other hand, Applancer works on a zero commission business model. The payments are made directly between the developer and the client. We are here to serve as a bridge and filter the best team to handle your business and strain the best client to keep your business functioning efficiently.


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