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Certified app company

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Certified app company

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SEVEN overview

SEVEN is the full-service IT company with in-depth expertise across healthcare, government, construction, retail, social media that for 11 years has been a reliable 360º technological partner for our clients from North America, EU, APAC, and Australia. Committed to innovations and excellence, we provide high-quality technological solutions and develop software for businesses that want to become more innovative, profitable, efficient, and more agile. We offer custom software development in the following verticals: • Business Intelligence Software • iOS/Android Apps • Progressive Web Apps • SaaS / PaaS • CRM • ERP • CMS • Stock Exchanges • Augmented Reality Apps • Social Networks • Online Shopping • System Integration • Smart TV Apps


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SEVEN - The Company That Exceeds Your Expectations works

Devices 5 %281%29
CRM, ERP, POS for Automotive Business
Mature Dating Mobile Application
Ipad pro
Customer Portal for Audio Visual Systems Integrator
Cloud SaaS HR Data Analytics Platform
Chat p2p
Chargeable Video & Audio P2P Chat
Hipaa ipad %281%29
HIPAA compliant Mobile App for the US hospitals
BI Tool, Asset and Inventory Management Mobile App for Construction Companies
Car bying app
Customer Focused Car Buying Mobile Platform
Mobile App for Parkinson’s Disease Severity Assessment
Doctor telemedicine 1
P2P HIPAA Compliant Online Doctor Consultation App
Smart tv1
IPTV For Autism TV Channel
Stock x
Stock Exchange for Songs & Music Streaming Service
Devices 4 %281%29
B2B Data Analysis Tool
Devices 4 1 976x600
Video and Audio Chat Monetization Software
Retail 2
Shopping Comparison Engine and Website
Bus int tools
Business Intelligence Tool
Charity iOS & Android App Based On Distance Tracking
Pet organizer
iOS Pet Info Manager And Activity Tracker
Smart diapers small
Smart Diapers Mobile and Web Apps compatible with Virtual Assistant
Dna analysis tool1
Mobile App for the leading Genetics Data Analytics from Switzerland
Charity, Fundraise and Discount & Deals Mobile Platform
Device for value delivered block 1
Video Dictionary Mobile App for Deaf and HoH

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